Cognitive Decline and Glutathione

Cognitive Decline and Glutathione

One of the most common fears we hear from people discussing growing older is that of cognitive decline, especially in the form of dementia or Alzheimer’s. It would appear the consensus is that these are a normal part of becoming old. However, according to several credible national and international government sites, any form of dementia is NOT a normal outcome of ageing.1 

Do you find yourself becoming more forgetful? Taking longer to remember things? Becoming easily distracted or finding it more difficult to accomplish more than one thing at a time? According to the Alzheimer’s Organisation UK, the great news is that, although all these circumstances are frustrating, they are not signs of dementia but a natural part of an ageing brain. This knowledge is liberating, particularly if you are someone fearing that your forgetfulness is the onset of major cognitive decline.

According to research, oxidative stress plays a major role in dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.2 It has been shown that elevated oxidative stress in the brain, alongside lower glutathione levels are contributing factors to debilitating cognitive decline.3 Therefore, it makes sense to find ways to reduce oxidative stress while increasing glutathione levels.

The link is not coincidental because one of the most effective ways to overcome oxidative stress is with antioxidants and the body’s master antioxidant is glutathione.4 Our bodies make glutathione, but our ability to do so begins to decline as early as during our twenties; add to this, poor lifestyle choices, environmental toxins, and sickness and by the time we are in midlife, our bodies are struggling to keep up with the demands for this potent immune booster. 

Sadly, glutathione is a fragile molecule easily destroyed in the stomach and ways to supplement it have been challenging so there has been more focus on other antioxidants such as Vitamins C, or E, even though these are much less effective than glutathione.

Recently, glutathione has begun to take its rightful place as the most important of all antioxidants, due to breakthrough technology in supplementation. Swish30 delivers glutathione directly to the cells of the body, via the mucosal membrane in the mouth and in this way completely bypasses the gut.

If you are serious about supporting your cognitive health as you grow older, a major consideration must be increasing your glutathione levels and making lifestyle choices that further enhance your ability to ELANgate your life and Live Lively Longer.


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