The Science Behind Swish 30

One of the most important factors to consider when taking any supplementation is its absorption method. It doesn’t matter how potent a nutritional supplement is if it cannot get to where its needed to be effective.

Glutathione s a particularly fragile molecule that is destroyed in the stomach. Therefore it is imperative to bypass the stomach and take it straight to the cells. This has been challenging for scientists.

 – Until now –

 Introducing the unique, patented delivery system of Swish30


Hydrastat technology nanosizes glutathione and other nutritional ingredients to a size that is readily absorbed and then these same ingredients are encapsulated in ultra pure water. Not only are the cells delivered the active and nutritional ingredients almost immediately, but they are hydrated too.

When you use Swish30, the nutrients are made almost immediately bio-available through the mucosa membrane of the mouth. That’s why the fun of swishing is an important step in raising your glutathione levels. So, how many different ways can you find to swish?