About Us

Live Lively Longer 

Have you considered how you would like to be spending time when you’re older? Perhaps you would like to discover a different culture, walk a path less travelled, or learn to play a musical instrument? Or maybe you are simply looking forward to better quality time with your loved ones. A longer life offers us new opportunities and meaning, not only for us as individuals, but also for our families and communities. However, the extent to which we can enjoy any of these choices is depended on one thing: our health. 

Most people agree that our health is our most valuable asset at all stages of life and as human longevity extends, it’s vital that we become responsible for lifestyle choices at every stage. According to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, our genetic coding plays only a 25% influence on how well we age; the rest belongs to our lifestyle decisions. 

We are on mission to make it as easy as possible for you to make informed choices that equip you to Live Lively Longer. We source state-of-the-art products and technologies to enhance your vibrancy and partner with experts in the fields of longevity and wellness. 

Founders, John Lane, and Sally Hewitt have been in the sports and wellness industries for over forty years. 

John’s love of sport has spanned decades, with a particular interest in Rugby Union. He has experienced how it feels to play Rugby at the top level with Bristol RFC, now Bristol Bears, and at a more sedate level with the old codger’s team, Clifton RATS (Race Against Time and Senility). He regards these as highlights among his experiences in life. In these recent times, John is especially passionate about seeking ways to counteract the effects of concussion in sport, particularly Rugby.

Sally has spent her working life championing women in her role as mentor and dermal therapist and it is her burning desire to change the way we view growing older from something to be dreaded to what it really is – the gift of a longer life. She recognises that it is the energy we bring to living that matters most and that this is dictated by our attitude as much as our physical wellbeing. Suffering the devastating death of her husband at a young age fuels her passion to help women maximise loss and flourish into the next chapter with hope, faith and gratitude. 

Live Lively Longer's parent company is called Elan and this has particular significance. When he was alive, John and Sally’s Dad had a company named Elan. Tragically, he developed dementia in the final six years of his life, and they witnessed a strong and vital man become a shell of himself. It was deeply painful to watch and experience. And so, they are proud to call their company Elan, in honour of their beloved Dad and carry his memory with them. 

Join our community of Social Pioneers on this exhilarating journey to ELANgate your life and Live Lively Longer.